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Scents and scent delivery systems for use in education, retail and the leisure and entertainment sectors.

SensoryScent produce a range of scents, aromas and scent delivery systems. With over 400 pre-formulated scents available from our catalogue, our scent specialists can also blend and formulate bespoke scents and aromas to suit your application. SensoryScent caters for all your scent delivery requirements however large or small.

Complementing our huge range of off-the-shelf scents and aromas, we also offer a wide variety of scent delivery systems and scent machines. From simple canister-based scents for quick and instant scent delivery to multi-aroma vaporising scent machines for constant scent distribution we have a delivery system suitable for your requirements.

We can also design bespoke delivery systems for your application.

Typical uses for our scent systems include retail outlets, visitor attractions such as theme parks and museums, stage and theatre, education establishments such as schools, colleges and universities as well as healthcare providers such as care homes and rehabilitation centres.

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Case Study & Testimonial

Client: Jo Barratt, Vetyver
Project: Synes by Nick Ryan as part of Imogen Heap's Reverb festival, Roundhouse, London, 23rd August 2014

For this event, scent was part of the requirement of our brief. A composer and visual artist were working together to explore the idea of synesthesia and translate this in to a performance. The addition of scent was aimed to make the experience truly multi-sensory. The focus of the festival was music and technology and so this offered the opportunity to push the boundaries of what was possible with scent as part of a musical performance. The Roundhouse had experimented with scent and diffusers in the past but were always underwhelmed with the effects.

The dispensers were incredibly easy to operate. Everything had been calibrated and set up by Osborne Technologies in advance. The equipment worked perfectly. It was simply a case of plugging them in. Given the complexity of the building and the scale of the space this was immensely impressive. The machines worked as well if not better than had been promised. This is not often the case given my prior experience of scent diffuser technology. The scent units were remarkably good value and several options were talked though and discussed in detail. Osborne Technology worked very hard to help come up with a solution that fitted in with our limited budget and huge aspirations.

The effect of the scent was always supposed to be subtle and fleeting and almost subliminal in their effect. The scent was timed to come in with a specific section of the music. The scent was not advertised so it is all the more indicative of the effect that people noticed and commented on the smell in the room. It would have been possible to ramp up the effect to a great extent. The solution offered by Osborne Technologies allowed us to set the level of the scent perfectly which was the main challenge in this case.

I would have no hesitation offering SensoryScent to others. The service provided was excellent. From the initial conversation Matt was enthusiastic, accommodating and on hand to offer specialist knowledge and advise to help us navigate what was, from the off, a remarkable complex project.

Jo Barratt, Vetyver


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SensoryScent produce scents and scent delivery systems for use in education, retail and the leisure and entertainment sectors. With over 400 pre-formulated scents available, in-house capability to formulate bespoke scents and aromas, a range of scent delivery systems and scent machines, SensorySent caters for all your scent delivery requirements however small or large your project.

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